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Movement Zone Circle Zone Flow Zone Stream Zone Tranquil Zone Wood Zone Forest Zone Flavor Zone Flavor Zone Spirit Zone

Movement Zone


This is generally a more active zone with tennis court and family-oriented activities. The family pool is 40-meter lap length and 90cm depth with water cascade that looks like a Pamukkale. Across the family pool is the kid's pool with 50cm depth with water jets spiralling in the middle and toddler pool 30cm depth. Tuck along the side of the family pool is the jacuzzi pockets with lounge seats or normal seat. Tuck among the tress is the leaf deck with pavilion trellis overhead.

Looking out from the Media room and Kids Party room is the play areas. Anchoring the outdoor space in this area are 3 trees that we're proposing to keep and a deck wraps around these trees with amenities below the trees like the glamping deck, rope net and a BBQ area in the background. In the play area, a variety of equipment is provided for the children. This area is furnished with artificial turf with mounts and slopes, bouldering wall, spring riders, trampolines and labyrinth equipment.

Circle Zone


This is where the main clubhouse is, looking towards the 50-meter lap pool that encircles the ficus tree that we’re proposing to conserve. Spilling over from the function room are 2 BBQ decks with pavilion that are separated by a few steps down to give users a variety of space to enjoy. Next to the BBQ pavilion is the Lawn Amphitheatre and next to it is the Tennis Court which is located at a 4-meter lower level such that the noisy activities are tucked away in a cornet at a lower level.

Flow Zone


Moving on to the main pool deck, the clubhouse is located towards the left of the 50-meters lap pool, which is 1.2m depth. The main pool is oriented in such a way that when you are doing the lap swimming, you will look straight on to the existing tree that is encircled by the clubhouse. The leaf deck that is tucked among trees along the sides of the pool with an open trellis beside a pebbles pod with the water cascading into the pod where sitting is provided inside.

Moving on to the lagoon pool, it has various different levels with cascades that go down to a lower private jacuzzi area that is separated by some rocks features and surrounded by trees. The lagoon pool is 33.3-meters length such that when you swim 3 laps, it’ll make up a 100-meters.

Stream Zone


The pool transitions into a bio pond and into river cascades. The steam room overlooks the reflecting pool with a hydrotherapy shower. Within the reflecting pool, there is a private pod for hydrotherapy as well as a white ion pool which is located just beside the bio pond that makes you feel like you’re in a natural pool.

On the right of the Stream zone is a bio pond with a cascade into a lower meditation deck and a series of elevated walkway that merges with the upper deck level. The water cascade cascades down to the end where it faces the wine cellar and the Aji room which is located beneath the upper deck.

Tranquil Zone


In the middle of the drop-off area is a quiet reflecting pool with silver sculpture pebbles that is designed by the renowned Sun-Yu-Li sculptor and the architecture floats above, encircling around it.

To the right of the drop-off is the bamboo garden with different types of bamboos planted in this zone and garden paths that weave through it. At the end of the bamboo garden, is a Shabu-Shabu pavilion pod.

Wood Zone


Moving to the top of the site is the Wood zone where the elevated walkway wraps around a series of trees where the centre is a lookout deck.

Forest Zone


Moving on to the right of the site is the forest zone which is at the upper deck. Between the block is a pavilion leaf deck and a foot bath where you can seat under the shade of the pavilion and dipped your feet into the foot bath.
In the Forest zone, there is a series of different thematic garden where you can enjoy as you walk along the forest glade, flower forest, forest swale and vines area.

Flavor Zone


In the centre of the site sits the Aji room which is located in the basement.

Flavor Zone


To the tail end of the site, is the Flavor zone with a Teppanyaki pavilion deck and a community farming pod beside it where you can harvest and cook it from farm to the table.

Spirit Zone


The spirit zone is characterised as a large expensive places where a large multipurpose field is located and leaf deck that overlooks the open space. On the right of the open field is a lawn mound.

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